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For them to work most effectively, solar panels need to be regularly cleaned by specialists. As they're tipped at an angle, they're more liable to get dirty quickly, causing a reduced amount of light to hit the panels. Our experienced solar panel cleaning service uses the best products and promises to have your solar panels looking pristine and working perfectly in no time. We will effectively wash off grime and dust using our specialist equipment. Did you know that dirt and dust can reduce solar panel efficiency? A regular clean can help maintain their output and avoid any drops in productivity. As most residential solar panels are located on roof tops, this can make cleaning tricky for homeowners. Our teams of experienced cleaners can help! Using waterfed poles which can reach several storeys high, we can clean your solar panels safely from the ground. A highly cost effective and safe option to maintain your solar panels, we can also combine this with a window or gutter clean
£4.00 Per Panel

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